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Des Moines,IA|844-272-8639


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DeMarco MAX VAC® manufactures a complete line of pneumatic conveying, vacuum conveying and industrial vacuuming systems for all industries worldwide. Our pneumatic conveyors are unmatched in performance, quality and value in the industrial vacuuming and pneumatic conveying industry.

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West Chicago,IL|800-946-4089

For over 80 years, Neuero Corporation has been manufacturing pneumatic conveying systems. Our pneumatic conveyors are mobile and are used in such diverse industries as agriculture and rail and ship loading and unloading.

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At Air Equipment & Engineering, we are experts in pneumatic conveying and dust collector engineering, manufacturing and installation. Choose from our cross-flow or modu-flow dust collectors, our versatile compact mini-flow and portable systems or from our various air flow equipment. Or better yet, have us engineer a complete custom system to fit your needs!

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Plymouth, MN|877-205-9015

For over twenty-five years, Delfin Industrial Vacuums has been a leading pneumatic conveyors manufacturer. Our reliable products are built to last and consistently have high quality. All of our machines are ISO 9001 certified, and our new line of explosion-proof products are within NFPA Standards. Contact us today!

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Dynamic Air Inc. custom designs and manufactures a complete line of pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk granular materials. Our products include dense phase, dilute phase and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems, mixers, bulk bag unloaders, bin dischargers, feeders, vibratory equipment and more. Our state-of-the-art test facility is available to perform full pneumatic conveying testing. All dry material characteristics are analyzed to determining their exact handling and product performance values.

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Big Lake,MN|763-262-1200

Since 1946, Whirl-Air-Flow has been a leader in design, fabrication and service. Our pneumatic conveyors transport powders and dry granulars to one or more destination points. Our products serve a range of industries and are able to move flowable material. We have our own testing facility and also we provide customers with field support and services. If you would like more information please give us a call today!

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Compass Systems&Sales,LLCis a company specializing in pneumatic conveying. We provide custom fabricated pneumatic material handling systems and parts for a wide variety of industries and products including, but not limited to, paper, film, plastics, adhesives, and metal scrap.

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Unitrak Corporation是供应散装材料输送设备的全球领导者。我们的输送机由世界各地的一些领先的制造商使用。我们位于加拿大和英国,可以轻松实现客户。自1967年以来,我们一直在业务中,激情成功仍然不相位。我们的客户可以放心我们的产品质量,因为我们在这么长期的业务中。Unitrak Corporation是供应散装材料输送设备的全球领导者。我们的输送机由世界各地的一些领先的制造商使用。我们位于加拿大和英国,可以轻松实现客户。自1967年以来,我们一直在业务中,激情成功仍然不相位。我们的客户可以放心我们的产品质量,因为我们在这么长期的业务中。

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Since 1952, many industries have benefited from Azo’s pneumatic conveying solutions. When bulk goods need to be conveyed gently from A to B segregation-free and without break-up a variety of pneumatic conveying systems can be used, dependent on the application, such as suction-conveying systems, pressure conveying systems, suction-pressure conveying systems, impulse conveying systems or dense-phase conveying systems.

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Maryville, TN|800-433-2213

Macawber Engineering has over 40 years of experience designing pneumatic conveying systems for a wide variety of bulk materials and has installed tens of thousands of pneumatic conveying systems worldwide. We offer food handling conveyors, bulk handling equipment, pneumatic conveying systems for wet and dry bulk material applications, and other bulk materials. To get started, contact us today!

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